Noah's Rocket

This is the story of Noah's Ark set in the world of today.

A huge flood is coming. Noah is instructed to build a giant space rocket in his back garden big enough to carry two of every kind of living thing. Together with his family, Noah and the animals will blast off into orbit around the Earth until it is safe to return. However...

As work on the rocket begins, the neighbours complain. Noah is arrested and to his alarm the rocket is dismantled. Noah realises he cannot build another giant rocket anywhere without the police finding out.

How will Noah complete his mission?

Stanley's Space Adventure

Stanley the spider is given a new mission... He is to explore the two mysterious planets of Fruton and Vegeton.

He is astonished to find that Planet Fruton is inhabited entirely by fruit and Planet Vegeton by vegetables. He also learns that there is a rivalry between the two.

The fruit of Fruton look down on the vegetables of Vegeton because they believe they are much healthier and sweeter to eat. The veggies think the fruities are snooties and believe that they are just as important to eat to keep everyone healthy.

Stanley decides to lead a party of visiting vegetables to Fruton to see if they can settle the differences between them

Will Stanley succeed in promoting harmony and understanding between the fruit and the veg?

Stanley Saves the Amazon Rainforest

Stanley the spider returns to his home in the Amazon Rainforest to find all is not well.

Men are coming in to the Rainforest and are chopping lots of trees down.

The Rainforest is getting smaller and the creatures that live and depend on it are under threat.

Stanley takes on what would seem to be an impossible task of saving the Rainforest from the tree choppers.

Will Stanley succeed and what adventures will he have on the way?

This book is printed on recycled paper

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